Why should you start writing blogs?

2 min readAug 19, 2021

Okay, this seems a boring title, and I also believe it, but sometimes you have got to face the reality that writers can also earn a fortune, but that doesn't mean every writer can earn a fortune and have a nice life as they show in movies.

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I always liked to write blogs, but I was still a high school student with no laptop, and I was not particularly eager to write on a smartphone; that is so boring. I mean, you have got to have a feeling that you're writing a blog.

Blogging can have multiple advantages; some are listed below:

  1. Make you a Research analyst: Blogging is writing, and sometimes it can be your story, but most of the time it is someone else, like what this question says “Why should you start writing blogs?”. So here, the third person is you, so I must research what you like to read, or you just quit by seeing the first paragraph. I hope you've made till here.
  2. Explore the topics: A writer is just like an all-rounder; if he likes to write, he will write anything by researching that topic, and an exploring man is always better than a guy who roams in his garden and doesn’t like to see other people’s garden.
  3. Increases your thinking power: This is a must-know advantage of writing; the more you write, the more you think, and the more you think, the better writer you’ll become. Just write, whatever you think, it's okay if it's not good, I'm also not good, but I'm still trying.
  4. Write topics you already know: This is the best way to start; it's better to start writing those topics in which you are already an Alpha; show your readers your knowledge of that topic and invite them to join your pack.
  5. Improves English: Okay, these are for those people whose first language is not English, just like mine, if you want to improve your English, you should see writing blogs in English, this will help you improve your English.
  6. To build your online brand: If you’re starting afresh then maybe you have to write something about your website and your brand, blogging can help you in many ways to grow your brand.

These are all I can recall, as I'm still a new writer, I know I can't provide you with premium quality content; but thanks for reading my content, hope I’ve provided you the content which you desire.




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